Ask Amy: 3 steps to help find the best electricity prices

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You’ve probably noticed, electricity bills are going up and it’s not just because of the hot weather. If you are shopping around for the best rates, there are a few things you should know.

#1 Keep tabs on your contract

It’s important to know when your current contract ends with your electric company, so you can shop around for better rates. Mike Harrington, VP of American Enerpower says you could be in trouble if you just let the contract expire without doing anything.

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“And all of sudden their 10-cent rate goes to 25 cents, and they’re on a fixed income. I see that happening all the time,” explains Harrington. “So it is tough for people, even for the smartest people. It’s tough for everybody. You have to watch your contract end date.”

So once you know when your contract is up it’s time to shop.

#2 Look at your power usage history

Harrington recommends pulling up your previous bills and looking at your usage history for one full year. You will then choose your plan based on how much electricity you’ve used in the past.

The state’s website will help in your search. On this website, you can enter your zip code and how much power you think you will use and see prices, contract details, and reviews for the power companies that match your criteria.

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#3 Make sure you are on the right website to search for prices!

One warning - be careful when searching for the state’s website to compare electric companies. If you just type “power to choose” in a search engine you might not get to the right website. We found a lot of other websites that appear to be Power to Choose, but are not. Besides comparing companies, Power to Choose also has answers to just about any question you might have.

What about those “deals” power companies offer?

Is it a good deal to sign up for a company that offers free days, for example? Maybe. Hear more about this on our brand new “Ask Amy” podcast. We have a lot more information for you about shopping for electricity, including information about those gimmicks you see advertised.

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