Oysters and caviar! Dig into the science of seafood and Gulf Coast flavors on ‘Eat Like a Local’

Plus, the story of a dessert made with peanut butter and root beer that Chris Shepherd calls ‘stupidly good’

Oysters and caviar may not be a weekly meal, but when a craving hits or the occasion is right, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Chris Shepherd knows where you can find some of the top seafood in town, and he’s taking us to two of his favorites in this episode of “Eat Like a Local with Chris Shepherd”.

Little’s Oyster Bar and Josephine’s have chefs in the kitchen who could teach master classes on the science of seafood. From oyster origins to why the caviar at Little’s is so special, you’ll feel like more of an expert too the next time you dine out after watching this show.

Plus, you’ll want to stick around until the end, because Josephine’s is serving up a pie with a crust that Shepherd calls “stupidly good.” It combines peanuts, peanut butter, root beer, and homemade ice cream. Shepherd told the lead chef at Josephine’s that it better NEVER come off the menu.

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Little’s Oyster Bar

3001 S. Shepherd | Houston

What it’s known for: A seasonally-inspired seafood menu, complete with oysters and custom caviar, all artfully created.

How Chris describes it: Little’s is run by chef Jason Ryczek who is super-talented. He processes his own caviar, which is amazing. He knows how to handle oysters. The wine list is beautiful. This is a good one.

Eat Like a Local: What Chris orders at Little's Oyster Bar (KPRC/Click2Houston.com)


318 Gray St. | Houston

What it’s known for: Locally-sourced ingredients, with menu items that pay tribute to the traditions of Gulf Coast seafood and flavors.

How Chris describes it: “I’m so excited about this place. I’ve worked in the past with a lot of the staff. Lucas McKinney, who’s the chef is a dear friend of mine and one of the most talented cooks I’ve ever met. What he focuses on is Gulf Coast seafood... His food is just outstanding.”

Eat Like a Local: What Chris orders at Josephine's (KPRC/Click2Houston.com)

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