Cooking with fire! 🔥 Flames and smoke are the secret to success at these Houston restaurants

Chef Chris Shepherd goes beyond barbeque to explore other restaurants cooking with fire on ‘Eat Like a Local’

James Beard award-winning chef Chris Shepherd says live fire is an ingredient in some of his favorite foods at Houston restaurants.

On this episode of “Eat Like a Local with Chris Shepherd”, he takes us to an Italian restaurant and a Tex-Mex restaurant which gained acclaim by cooking with an open flame.

Stick around for the full show, because Shepherd also takes us into his backyard to share his technique when he fires up dinner outdoors!

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Rosie Cannonball

1620 Westheimer Rd. | Houston

What it’s known for: Flavorful food with fresh, local ingredients cooked over live fire

How Chris describes it: From the appetizers to dessert, the food at Rosie Cannonball is magical. Chris says no matter how many times he goes, he never gets tired of the delicious dishes.

Felipe Riccio is a chef and partner at Rosie Cannonball. He told Shepherd his father was from Naples, and he loves Italian food, but he wanted to bring in flavors from across southern Europe. The restaurant incorporates elements from other countries, including France, Spain, and Greece -- with live fire at the center of the cuisine.

Eat Like a Local: What Chris orders at Rosie Cannonball (KPRC/


4306 Yoakum Blvd. | Houston

What it’s known for: Tex-Mex with a barbeque twist, including tortillas made with brisket fat

How Chris describes it: “What makes this so special, mesquite -- lots and lots of mesquite. They have a beautiful grill inside and everything is cooked over live fire. If I go travel around the country, go meet my chef friends, the one thing they ask for is, bring the tortillas, bring the rice and beans from Candente, every time.”

Michael Sambrooks, Candente owner, grew up in Houston. He wanted to have an “old-school Tex-Mex place with the big flat melted cheese enchiladas”, but he knew if the restaurant was going to stand out, they needed a twist -- and that came by incorporating live fire into everything they do.

Eat Like a Local: What Chris orders at Candente (KPRC/

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