Ask Amy show notes: Homeowner’s Insurance

Episode 4: Saving on your homeowner’s insurance

Amy Davis talks about how to cut costs on your homeowner’s insurance while still protecting your property. Guest Jessica Fuentes with the Brazos Insurance Agency helps explain what consumers need to know about insurance.

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:35 Why you should always shop your homeowner’s insurance rates around

1:10 It is free to get a quote for homeowners insurance. It is common to be asked to provide a copy of current insurance to a broker so they can compare your exact features.

2:11 Homeowner’s insurance rates are up across the board. The normal increase right now is 10-15%.

4:38 Areas to look for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance.

6:30 insurance agents will want to come out to see your home before giving you a policy.

8:20 Why staying with a certain carrier could save you money. Other perks for loyalty.

10:00 Cameras may be next for potential discounts on your insurance rates.

11:40 What insurance companies are looking for when deciding on insurance score? If your credit score has improved you may want to revisit your rates.

14:00 How to check reviews for insurance companies. Look for A or -A scores.

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