The Luhnow Interview: The day after

Luhnow’s comments to KPRC 2 made national headlines

HOUSTON – Following KPRC 2’s special report, “The Luhnow Interview,” the sports world has been discussing former Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow’s comments to KPRC 2′s Vanessa Richardson.

Luhnow denied his knowledge and involvement in anything related to cheating.

“I didn’t know we were cheating,” said Luhnow. “I had no idea. I wasn’t involved. Major League Baseball’s report stated that I didn’t know anything about the trashcan-banging scheme. They stated I might have known something about the video-decoding scheme and not paid it much attention. But there was really no credible evidence of that claim. I didn’t know. I didn’t know about either of them.”

Luhnow joined the Astros as general manager in December 2011, known for his emphasis on analytics over traditional baseball scouting methods. He expressed several times he felt he was scapegoated by MLB and the Astros on several different occasions.

“They just did it,” he said. “Whether it’s the players or the video staffers, they just decided on their own to do it and that’s a shame, because had they come and asked me for permission I would have said no. Had they gone and asked Jim (Crane) for permission, he would have said no. There’s just no reason why that should have happened.”

Another incident that stained Luhnow’s legacy was the Brandon Taubman incident. Taubman, the Astros Assistant GM at the time, made insensitive remarks to a female reporter in the clubhouse after the 2019 ALCS. The Astros initially sent out a statement claiming the reporter’s story was a fabrication. Luhnow expressed his regret with “taking one for the team” in the press conference that followed.

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