Q&A: Full, 37-minute interview with former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow

For the first time since being fired, Luhnow spoke about the scandal, his future plans and more

HOUSTON – On January 13, Astros Manager A.J. Hinch and General Manager Jeff Luhnow were suspended by Major League Baseball for what Commissioner Rob Manfred said was their part in a massive, intricate cheating scandal. Astros owner Jim Crane fired Hinch and Luhnow later that day.

Luhnow hasn’t given his side of the story, until now.

In my exclusive sit-down with Luhnow, we touched on several subjects: when the cheating happened, how he found out, and who was involved. He also talked about his interactions with Rob Manfred, documents he has that he said support his case and his message to Astros fans.

Luhnow said no questions were off-limits.

Here is the full question-and-answer transcript from the 37-minute interview.

Vanessa: “Jeff, January 13 was a life-changing day for you I’m sure. What was that day like from your perspective?”

Luhnow: "It’s not a day I ever want to re-live, and it’s not a day I would ever want even my worst enemy to have to live through. It was the culmination of two pretty rough months; finding out in early November that our team had indeed broken the rules and had indeed cheated in 2017 and in parts of 2018 was devastating to me. It was devastating to our fans. And getting suspended by Major League Baseball; because I was GM during that time, I figured I would get some punishment. I figured I was looking at some suspension because I was the GM. I was not expecting a year-long suspension, I was certainly not expecting for the team I spent eight years building to fire me and let me go. So it was tough, no question about it.