Former Astros GM Jeff Luhnow discusses Brandon Taubman scandal that preceded cheating revelation

Luhnow claims the assumption he wrote the initial response is false

HOUSTON – Before the Astros cheating scandal, there was another incident that put the Astros culture in question.

As the Astros celebrated their 2019 Game 6 ALCS win, a report surfaced that Brandon Taubman, the team’s assistant general manager, made insensitive remarks to a female reporter.

I sat down with Jeff Luhnow, the Astros general manager who was fired as part of the fallout from the cheating scandal. He talked about many things, among them, the Taubman incident.

“I was so disappointed that that happened,” said Luhnow. “That should never have happened, first of all. But I was actually more disappointed in how the Astros reacted to that.”

The Astros initially reacted with denial, fully supporting Taubman and calling the reporter’s credibility into question. What followed was a whirlwind of statements and retractions.

Taubman later admitted he had in fact said those things in the clubhouse, and he was then fired.

“The night the organization found out that this was going to be a story, there were several people actively conversing about what to do about it,” Luhnow said.