More than 400 criminal cases slated for dismissal refiled by Harris County Pct. 4. Here’s why

VIDEO: Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman speaks at funeral for Deputy Kareem Atkins

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office announced Friday the refiling of more than 400 criminal cases slated for dismissal by judges due to “lack of probable cause.”

Constable Mark Herman said the dismissal of criminal cases is the cause of high crime rates in Harris County. He said the issue has compromised public and police officers’ safety

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Several years ago, Herman said he was notified by former Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg that since 2021, thousands of criminal cases have been dismissed by criminal court judges and magistrates. He said the cases were slated for dismissal, leaving the District Attorney’s Office no other option unless the cases were represented to the district attorney’s office.

The constable’s office determined hundreds of these cases were filed by Precinct 4.

In 2021, Pct. 4 launched an initiative that gathered groups of police officers to review the dismissed criminal cases with the district attorney’s office to refile. More than 400 criminal cases have been refiled to date.

“We will not let these people go without having a day in court. Our deputies risk their lives bringing these suspects to justice, therefore, we will see these cases through our system,” Constable Herman said. “The message today that I want to give out: If you come out to Precinct 4 and you commit a crime, if your case is dismissed, you can count on it being refiled.”

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