Brittany Taylor

Senior Digital Content Producer

• What made you want to get into Digital News?! 
- I am a passionate storyteller and always loved writing books as a child. I competed in U.I.L. and storytelling competitions throughout grade-school. I’m a social media guru and like to keep up with the latest trends, so digital news was a given.
• What do you love about living in Houston? 
- It’s my hometown. I love the southern hospitality and open land.
• Where did you go to school?  
- I graduated from Cypress-Creek High School and received my bachelor's degree from the University of Houston - main campus.
•  Accomplishments or memorable moments? 
- Being a part of an award-winning digital team in my own city. I’m proud to have helped thousands during Hurricane Harvey, working 25 hours straight. Two of my most memorable moments were the birth of my son and having a few of my stories I have written go viral.