Gymnast Suni Lee hopes to team up with Spring’s Simone Biles, Jordan Chiles, for another shot at gold in Paris Olympics

NEW YORK CITY – Suni Lee was one of the top athletes in the world heading into the Summer Olympics in 2021, but almost no one expected her to leave with a gold medal. She did just that.

When Spring’s Simone Biles withdrew from the women’s all-around competition -- becoming the biggest story in Tokyo that year -- Lee stepped in and wowed the world. The phenom from Minnesota was flawless, but it wasn’t easy.

KPRC 2 anchors Keith Garvin and Daniella Guzman are in New York City at the Team USA Media Summit as the 100 day mark to the Summer Games in Paris approaches Wednesday. Lee is one of the athletes they sat down with and interviewed.

Lee told them she still remembers the morning of the day she completed the performance that won her the gold medal.

“I woke up actually that morning with a panic attack,” Lee recalled. “My coach asked me why. And told me I could go out there and not stress, and not try to push harder than I needed to. He told me, ‘You can do this. This is your opportunity.’”

And Lee made the most of that opportunity.

She became the first Asian-American to win the women’s all-around at the Olympics and the fifth straight American woman to win Olympic gold in that event. She is hoping to team up with Biles and another Tokyo teammate -- Jordan Chiles, who also trains in Spring -- to compete for gold one more time. Lee believes team chemistry is a vital key to success.

“I think it’s really important. I’m really close to Jordan, And I admire Simone much,” said Lee. “Everything that she’s been through. She’s such a great example and she continues to shine and every time we see her she gets better and better. We compete against each other but we are all close and want what’s best for each other. But when we’re at the Olympics it’s like a job. We all support each other and you are competing for Team USA.”

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