ASK 2: Rules for dirt bikes, ATVs on the road

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Ask 2: " I was on my way home from shopping yesterday afternoon and we were at a standstill in the plaza trying to exit the parking lot yesterday. I noticed there were like 7-10 Dirt bikes & ATV’s in the road and people doing tricks on them where the front wheels would go up . An ambulance was not responding but it looked like it couldn’t get through and a city bus was behind the group . Is that street legal and what if an emergency vehicle was responding to a call? "


If an emergency vehicle was responding to a call, then they would absolutely have to get over and give them a clear path. It’s the laws. While it is not illegal for them to do tricks, according to Sgt. Stephen Woodard, off road vehicles like ATV’s are not allowed on public roads. However, there are some exceptions.

“There are circumstances where they are allowed. They are allowed to operate on a beach, in a municipality if approved by that city ordinance, in an unincorporated area like the county if it is improved by that ordinance, in a master planned community. Believe it or not, for golfing within two miles of a golf course you can operate those off-highway vehicles.  Obviously, for law enforcement purposes,” explained Sgt. Woodard.

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