Is Owen Conflenti really that funny? Answers to that and other FAQs from KPRC 2 anchor Sofia Ojeda

KPRC 2 News Today anchors Sofia Ojeda and Owen Conflenti spending time together at the KPRC 2 studios on Monday, April 1, 2024 (Copyright 2024 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

Hello KPRC 2 viewers! It’s KPRC 2 News Today anchor Sofia Ojeda here.

I get lots of questions from folks by phone, email and when I run into them out on the street. So, I wanted to take a minute to answer some of the most common ones.

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‘You are much taller in person, how tall are you?’

I am 5′9″ tall, and if I am wearing a good-sized heel, I am well over 6 feet tall.

What time do you have to wake up?

I usually try to go to bed by 9 p.m. at the latest and wake up at 2 a.m.

Is Owen really that funny?

YES! Owen is hilarious! Folks at home only get a small portion of the laughs that we get every day.

Do you do your own hair and makeup?

Yes, we all do our own hair and makeup.

Do you have a stylist?

No, we do not have our own stylists.

What is the craziest story you have ever covered?

There are many stories that I have covered that I consider to be wild and crazy.

But the one I remember the most is when I interviewed the “Apparently Kid.”

I was covering the Wayne County fair back in 2014 in Pennsylvania, and I had to get one more interview for my story. I looked up at one of the spinning rides and saw a little boy just stepping off. I told my photographer, “Let’s try to interview this adorable little boy.” The boy was with his grandfather, and we asked if we could ask him a few questions about his time at the fair. He said yes and instantly grabbed my microphone, with every other word being “apparently.” The interview and little boy, named Noah Ritter, became a viral sensation with calls for him to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show and several other talk shows. What I remember the most about this moment is that I wanted to keep him talking for as long as possible because everything he was saying was making me smile so big. I also love that such a simple interview about a day at the fair would bring joy to so many and live on the internet forever.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have interviewed?

The biggest celebrity I have ever interviewed is Derek Jeter, retired shortstop for the New York Yankees.

It was the summer of 2003, and I was working at the local ABC News station in New York City as a summer sports intern. During the team’s matchup against the New York Mets in the Subway Series, I went out with a photographer to get interviews.

I remember walking into the locker room and being in awe of all these famous professional baseball players: Hideki Matsui, Jason Giambi, Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter, just to name a few.

But there wasn’t any time to be in shock as my photographer hurried me to the first interview.

It became a tough, physical battle with all of the other reporters and photographers from the other New York stations to try to get the best position. I remember being squished by the crowd with my one arm extended making sure I got everything each player said. This continued with each interview and into both locker rooms.

It was such a fast-paced and competitive environment, when the interviews were over and I headed home for the day, I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue.

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