US Rep. Al Green says congressional offices should not become a complaint department for USPS

MISSOURI CITY, Texas – It’s a problem all too familiar to residents who are waiting to receive mail from the United States Postal Service’s Missouri City Processing Center.

Viewers continue to email and call KPRC 2’s newsroom, demanding answers to a simple question: Where is my mail?

KPRC 2’s Rilwan Balogun and Corley Peel have spoken to several customers voicing their frustrations in dealing with delayed mail at the Missouri City processing center.

At a press conference called by Congressman Al Green (D-Houston) on Monday, a woman spoke about the heartache mail delays have caused her 89-year-old father; he is a Marine veteran in need of heart medication. Another woman at the press conference spoke about having to borrow a wedding dress because the one she purchased did not arrive in the mail in time for her wedding.

In addition, Peel interviewed small business owner Axel Ryker, who says mail delays have cost his business an estimated $10,000. Ryker mentioned having 600-800 packages sitting at the Missouri City Processing Center for the last two weeks.

During a one-on-one interview with KPRC 2, Rep. Green said he believes media attention may have prompted action from the USPS. Since Rep. Green’s Monday press conference, a total of 33 additional people were brought in to help with processing the mail backlog. Ten of the people tasked to help figure things out have plant management experience.

When asked about the USPS’s initial response to mail delays, Rep. Green shared his displeasure with the government agency.

“Exceedingly disappointed; I’m very disappointed. Congressional offices should not become a complaint department for the USPS. They should handle their complaints timely and appropriately, just like they should handle the mail,” Rep. Green said.

In addition, Congressman Green had pointed words for the USPS’s communications department.

“That department gets paid good money to answer questions that the press might have,” he said.

Rep. Green indicated he is not prepared to call for leadership firings at the Missouri City Plant or in Washington, D.C.; however, he would like postal managers to step forward and address what specifically prompted mail delays.

One tool that Rep. Green mentioned in the conversation is his ability to request some form of a hearing in Texas or Washington, DC to address postal delays at the facility. Rep. Green made it clear he only has the authority to request an oversight hearing, but the ultimate decision to call up a hearing belongs to leaders in Congress.

Congressman Green reported he does not want to request a hearing; he prefers the post office get to the bottom of the issues. Also, Rep. Green would like to take a tour of the facility.

“I really don’t want the field hearing; it is not my desire to put USPS before Congress. If I talk to them and they can give me a reason to believe that [the hearing] is not necessary, then I won’t request a hearing,” Green said.

When asked if the additional 33 staffers would solve the mail delay issues, Rep. Green (D-Houston) said is not in a position to say this will be the solution because he would like to better understand the cause of the backlog and the technology involved in sorting mail at the facility.

While the Missouri City Processing Center is located in Rep. Green’s district, he emphasized that delays at the center have a broader impact on mail across the nation.

The USPS issued a statement saying delays are part of their 10-year Delivering for America Plan.

“The Postal Service is working to modernize our mail and package processing network. For decades, our outmoded network has created significant financial losses, increased deferred maintenance costs, deteriorated workplace conditions for our employees, and failed to efficiently integrate mail and package processing and delivery. The transformation of our network is necessary and fundamental to our continuation as an organization and a service to the American people and our business customers,” according to the statement.

“This process, as with any such transition, takes time. The Postal Service will adhere to all legal, statutory, contractual, and regulatory requirements as network modernization continues in the coming years. As with any transition, some unintended and temporary disruptions may occur.

We are taking steps to ensure packages are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and apologize to any customers who may be experiencing issues with the delivery of their items. We strongly encourage customers who have concerns to contact us either online or via our toll-free number. When customers reach out, they can provide vital details to our customer service staff. A number will be assigned to each case, allowing the Postal Service to fully research the situation and provide a suitable resolution for our customers. Customers may call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or visit our website at”

Anyone experiencing postal issues is encouraged to reach out to Rep. Green’s Office.

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