Houston area rockets to the top: Master-planned communities dominate national rankings

Buckle up as we explore how the Houston area’s master-planned communities are not just changing the real estate game – they’re dominating it.

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The Houston area is not just a region; it’s a real estate powerhouse, and the latest numbers are here to prove it. In a feat that showcases the region’s robust real estate market, the Houston area has claimed the top spot in the national ranking of best-selling master-planned communities. Buckle up as we explore how the Houston area’s master-planned communities are not just changing the game – they’re dominating it.

The region’s real estate triumph:

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The residential real estate consulting firm RCLCO recently unveiled the results of their semi-annual survey of the top-selling master-planned communities of 2023. This marks the 30th edition of their report, solidifying its status as an industry standard for gauging the health of the housing market. The big news? The Houston area has emerged as the U.S. leader in home sales at master-planned communities.

A dozen communities in the spotlight:

No less than 12 master-planned communities in the Houston area have earned spots on the national list of the 50 best-selling MPCs of 2023. Together, these communities collectively sold almost 8,300 homes, painting a picture of a thriving real estate landscape.

Top-performing communities:

Sunterra in Katy, Texas, takes center stage as the top-selling community in the Houston region, securing an impressive third place nationally in RCLCO’s ranking. With a remarkable 63% increase in sales last year, Sunterra has become a standout example of success.

Bridgeland in Cypress is not far behind, claiming the fifth spot nationally with a substantial 74% jump in sales.

The Houston area’s MSA dominance:

The Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) emerges as the top performer, with 12 communities making it to the national top 50. This not only showcases the diversity of offerings in Houston but also cements its position as a leader in the national real estate landscape.

Key Takeaways from the Results:

The report offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the real estate market:

  • Sales surge: New home sales among the top 50 MPCs experienced a significant uptick of nearly 14% in 2023 compared to the previous year.
  • Builder resilience: Despite challenges like elevated interest rates, builders have remained resilient, offering incentives that have kept new homes in MPCs attractive to buyers.
  • Houston’s strength: The second half of 2023 saw a slight dip in sales, attributed to factors like lower overall employment growth, peaking mortgage rates, and slower economic growth in Q4.
  • Regional representation: The state of Texas, with Houston at its helm, boasts a substantial 36% representation in the top-selling communities, showcasing the Lone Star State’s real estate prowess.

Local master-planned communities represented on the list include:

3. Sunterra

  • Katy, Texas
  • Developer: Land Tejas/Starwood Land
  • 2023 sales: 1,293
  • 2022 sales: 795
  • Year-to year increase: 63%

5. Bridgeland

  • Cypress, Texas
  • Developer: Howard Hughes Corporation
  • 2023 sales: 985
  • 2022 sales: 567
  • Year-to-year increase: 74%

12. Marvida

  • Cypress, Texas
  • Developer: Land Tejas/Starwood Land
  • 2023 sales: 835
  • 2022 sales: 635
  • Year-to-year increase: 31%

14. Tamarron

  • Katy, Texas
  • Developer: D.R. Horton
  • 2023 sales: 774
  • 2022 sales: 435
  • Year-to-year increase: 78%

19. Baytown Crossings

  • Baytown, Texas
  • Developer: Friendswood Development Co.
  • 2023 sales: 638
  • 2022 sales: 338
  • Year-to-year increase: 89%

21. Caldwell Ranch

  • Rosharon, Texas
  • Developer:D.R. Horton
  • 2023 sales: 633
  • 2022 sales: 326
  • Year-to-year increase: 73%

22. Breckenridge Forest

  • Spring, Texas
  • Developer:D.R. Horton
  • 2023 sales: 630
  • 2022 sales: 314
  • Year-to-year increase: 101%

26. Sienna

  • Missouri City, Texas
  • Developer:Johnson Dev. / Toll Brothers
  • 2023 sales: 606
  • 2022 sales: 351
  • Year-to-year increase: 73%

29. Tavola

  • New Caney, Texas
  • Developer: Friendswood Development Co.
  • 2023 sales: 573
  • 2022 sales: 508
  • Year-to-year increase: 13%

37. Meridiana

  • Rosharon, Texas
  • Developer: Rise Communities
  • 2023 sales: 497
  • 2022 sales: 400
  • Year-to-year increase: 24%

47. Elyson

  • Katy, Texas
  • Developer: Brookfield Properties
  • 2023 sales: 400
  • 2022 sales: 362
  • Year-to-year increase: 10%

50. Jordan Ranch

  • Fulshear, Texas
  • Developer: Johnson Development Corp
  • 2023 sales: 385
  • 2022 sales: 323
  • Year-to-year increase: 19%

As we delve into Houston’s remarkable feat in dominating the national ranking for top-selling master-planned communities, we can’t help but wonder about our readers. Do you call a master-planned community home? What are your thoughts and experiences living in one? We invite our readers to share their stories, insights, and opinions on the vibrant world of master-planned communities. Whether you’re enjoying the amenities, building a sense of community, or navigating the unique lifestyle, your perspective adds a valuable layer to the narrative. Join the conversation and let us know – do you reside in a master-planned community, and what do you think about the experience?

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