Conroe ISD expects to see huge jump in enrollment from 70K to 100K students by 2033

There is no doubt the suburbs of Houston are growing and Montgomery County is seeing some recent unprecedented growth.

A newly released survey shows that Conroe ISD is expecting some unprecedented growth over the next decade. The school district has about 70,000 students and is expected to jump to nearly 100,000 in ten years.

“We just built 99, and it’s full already!” noted Woodland’s resident Nicole Brown.

Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent of Schools Conroe ISD, says he was surprised by the numbers and outlook in the recent survey. He says the district thought the recent increase was a post-pandemic boom but now it’s their new normal.

“We didn’t think it would happen in the next decade,” noted Dr. Null. “Our schools are full were at 102% capacity currently some campuses are 140%. We take that as a compliment that people want to raise their families and their children in Montgomery county and Conroe ISD so we appreciate that.”

He says although a little exciting but also a little scary, the district will adjust and start to plan for this growth.

“We have three additional schools that will open in the next two years and 200 portable buildings,” said Dr. Null.

But some residents like Nicole Brown are slightly worried that the City of Conroe, the Woodlands Township, and Montgomery County are not ready for this growth.

“I’m not sure the infrastructure has been prepared,” noted Brown.

According to MUD 47 President, Laura Norton, the expected high-density housing anticipated for The Woodlands has led to an additional Elevated Storage Tank to their 10-year project plan.

“This tank, which is planned for next year, will be located at Egypt Road and Research Forest Drive in the far northwest section of The Woodlands, from that elevated position this tank, in particular, will be able to add water pressure to all 3 pressure planes in The Woodlands,” noted Norton. “It’s nearly a 9-million-dollar project and will be constructed by our SJRA Woodlands Division.”

Dr. Ann Snyder, Woodlands Township Chairperson says a new $100,000 plan to add two hotels and retail space near the Woodlands mall will help bring opportunities and support the growth.

“I think it will ensure the mall will not become an empty building,” explained Dr. Snyder.

But not everyone is on board.

“The traffic is not going to be great,” noted Brown. “It’s already not great in the woodlands so I avoid that at all costs.”

And for Conroe ISD, Dr. Null says that he understands there are some concerns and frustration for parents as they continue to grow but they are doing what they can.

“We have more students than we have space at the moment but that’s part of this process,” noted Dr. Null. “We have a bond planning committee we are seeking residents to be a part of.”

Dr. Null said they are actively hiring across all departments in the district. Right now, there are nearly 200 openings waiting to be filled.

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