90-year-old grandmother battling cancer finally meets Daddy Yankee, the man of her ‘dreams’

Mami Flor meeting her favorite musician Daddy Yankee at his Sept. 20 concert in New York. (Ivanna Michelle, @Ivannamichelle - Instagram)

HOUSTON – This 90-year-old grandmother was brought to tears after her dream of meeting Daddy Yankee came true with the help of her granddaughter, according to the TODAY Show.

Flor Maria Soris, said she has been a fan of the artist for years and thought she would never get the chance to meet him. Soris, who’s been battling uterine cancer for a year, told her granddaughter, Ivanna Mendoza, that her biggest dream is to meet him one day as his fan and said, ”I don’t want to die without meeting Daddy Yankee.”

“Her biggest dream was meeting Daddy Yankee,” Mendoza told TODAY over the phone. “She’s loved him since the beginning. Basically, she always tells everyone that goes to her house, she tells them that he’s her boyfriend. And she had this picture of him on a frame like he was one of her sons.”

From a dream to reality, Soris met the man she’s been dreaming of since she first heard the song “Gasolina” in 2004 after his Sept 20 concert at Madison Square Garden. It was an emotional meeting as Soris was brought to tears.

“He hugged me, he gave me a kiss,” Mami Flor told TODAY after she met him, adding that he signed her framed photo that she took to the show. “He’s humble and has a good heart.”

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