Burglars reportedly target Astros fans’ cars during game

Meagan Blackstock and her family drove more than an hour to get to an Astros game Tuesday night and found parking in a private lot right near the ballpark.

“We had a great time – my kids had a blast,” Blackstock said.

However, the night quickly took a curve when they returned to their parked car in the lot at 2020 Congress Street.

“We were hungry,” she said. ”We’re planning on going to Whataburger, get us a burger, and get home. And no, we come out to the parking lot and we’re here two hours later.”

Burglars broke into her back window, ransacking her car, but stealing nothing.

“They busted every single piece (of glass), I mean, there was nothing left,” she said. “The guy beside us, his car was broken into also, and there was several other cars that were broken into.”

The Houston Police Department said they had at least one other report of an Astros fan car break-in Tuesday night. The victim told KPRC 2 thieves also busted into his back window and stole a backpack with his work laptop inside.

Fans like Blackstock said they struck out coming to see their favorite team.

“We pay this amount of money, over $30 in each parking lot, per person, to park in those parking lots, and nobody to patrol?” she said.

She called HPD to try to report her incident, but no officer ever showed up.

“Out of all those police officers that was right there in the street directing traffic, somebody should have come over,” Blackstock said.

A spokesperson for the Astros told KPRC 2 that law enforcement is aware and that HPD is addressing the issues as well as the safety of the neighborhood.

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