Delivery man who swipes child’s medication caught red-handed on home’s security cams

KATY, Texas – Two deliverymen arrived at a home in Katy for a routine furniture drop-off. But, according to homeowner Kelly Rainers, one of them had a different objective.

“He came in already looking for what he could take,” she recalled.

Raines showed KPRC 2 with the security video from inside her home on Tuesday. In the video, one of the deliverymen seems to notices the medication sitting on the back of Raines’ kitchen sink.

He even does a double-take to read the bottle, she says. Nearly 400 pills of medication for ADHD belonged to Raines’ teenaged son Tyler.

“Requires that medication in order to function properly and they left him with nothing,” Raines said. “Which is another battle now that I have to deal with because we can’t get it refilled.”

According to Raines, the delivery man came back downstairs with an empty box, swiftly grabs the medicine, then tosses them in the box, and heads outside.

Raines said the experience left her quite unhappy.

“Violated. Shocked, violated, angry, disbelief,” she said. “I mean, a range of emotions.”

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