The Evidence Room, Episode 9 – The Candy Man’s Henchmen

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HOUSTON – He’s considered Houston’s most notorious serial killer - 28 deaths linked to the so-called “Candy Man.”

In this episode of ‘The Evidence Room,’ we take a deep dive and share new insights on the Houston mass murders by Dean Corll and his henchmen, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks.

KPRC 2 Investigates profiles Corll and his henchmen, who are linked to at least 28 murders from 1970-1973. The three men hunted and killed young men from Houston to Pasadena.

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Elmer Wayne Henley eventually shot and killed Dean Corll.

In videos you’ll see in this new episode of ‘The Evidence Room,’ former KPRC 2 reporter Jack Cato was on the scene and allowed Henley to use his car phone to call his mother.

Houston history: Prolific serial killer Dean Corll

In the call to his mother, Henley said, “I killed Dean.” His mother replied, “No you didn’t.”

Henley then said, “Yes, yes’em.”

Henley and Brooks would go on to show police where the bodies were and describe how they were forced into sexual parties, and how the victims were made to write their parents telling them they were okay.

David Owen Brooks

Don’t get confused - believe it or not, there were two killers dubbed “The Candy Man” in the Houston area over the years. You might remember in the first season of ‘The Evidence Room,’ we expored the case Ronald Clark O’Bryan, who was also nicknamed “The Candy Man” because he used cyanide-laced Pixy Stix to poison his own son.

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