Don't pinch yourself - this is real and located in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – Big Poppa’s Tacos packs Hot Cheeto flavor into Mexican food classics - like the Big Poppa burrito.

A freshly made tortilla gets covered in homemade refried beans and rice.

Asada is added hot off the grill and topped with three different kinds of cheeses are melted on top with Hot Cheetos.

Owner Jacob Gomez has been creating his Hot Cheeto combinations years before it became popular on the foodie scene.

“In my food truck, that was all we did was put Hot Cheetos in every single item,” said Gomez.

All of his food is made from scratch daily - like their pastor marinated overnight with Jarritos orange soda and spices.

He attributes the success of the restaurant to the help of his family and friends, especially his mother, Sally Zuniga, who rolls out fresh tortillas daily.

“I just love making tortillas since I was fourteen years old,” said Zuniga.

Both Gomez’s taco truck and restaurant have delicious options for Hot Cheeto lovers - like their cheesy Hot Cheeto quesadilla.

Other favorites are the hood rat burger, enchiladas and barbacoa tortas.

The shop is fun and welcoming, and the food is outrageous.

Come out and get your hands on these insanely cheesy Hot Cheeto burritos today and make all of your friends jealous.

Big Poppa’s Tacos is located at 2118 N Panam Expy, San Antonio, Texas 78208.

For more information on the restaurant, just head to their Facebook page.

About the Author:

David Elder is the host and executive producer of the food and travel show Texas Eats on ABC KSAT 12 and NBC KPRC 2.