These two brother dogs reunited after 10 years apart and it’s beyond adorable

Sometimes you just need a good happy cry to get you through your day, and this video of long lost brother dogs reuniting after 10 years will do just the trick.

Getting a new puppy is one of the best things ever, but it’s also kind of sad when you realize that your puppy is about to be separated from its mama and all its siblings. If you’re lucky, maybe you’d be able to adopt two siblings together, but more times than not, you’re just getting a single puppy.

That’s why this video of two senior dogs who are brothers reuniting after 10 years away from each other is just too dang cute.

Carlo and Chips were born to a litter of eight, and were trained together to be service dogs. After their training, the dogs were assigned to owners and were separated, as most service dogs are.

Carlo and Chips were both assigned people to be guide dogs for, and they parted ways. Fast forward to 10 years later, and Carlo’s owner, Charles Bloch, found out that Chips had been assigned a new owner, and that person lived near by.

“I found out [in November last year] that Chips had retired and was being rehomed,” Bloch said. “I was so surprised when I discovered that a friend of mine, who also lives in Coventry and volunteers for Guide Dogs, had been selected as his (Chips’s) rehomer.”

The owners reunited the two dogs, and the video of them seeing each other for the first time in 10 years is absolutely adorable. You can immediately tell that the dogs recognized each other, because they both look so excited.

Even for dogs that are 10, they were running around like a puppy full of energy.

Block said that he and Chips new owner have plenty more trips to the dog park planned for these reunited brothers, which is just the sweetest thing ever. You almost wish that every dog could be reunited with its siblings at some point in their lives.

You can watch the adorable video of Carlo and Chips reuniting above.

Credit: Guide Dogs via Storyful

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