Holiday shopping at the pawn shop: These high-end items cost less than the department store

Are you looking for some high-end gifts this season but aren’t really looking to spend a ton of money?

Have you checked out area pawn shops for your holiday shopping?

KPRC 2′s Sofia Ojeda went inside a local pawn shop and will show you what you can get and even sell if you’re looking to get a good deal.

This time of year, shopping for loved ones can be pretty stressful and some of the same old gifts could be costing you more than you really want to dish out.

Some shoppers tell us, pawn shopping can be way more leisurely.

“It’s no pressure, so if you see something, ask about it, and if it’s for you just play it by ear,” said pawn shopper, Reginald Hebert.

The owner of Wright Pawn and Jewelry on Houston’s west side tells KPRC 2, so many people have been checking out many deals there, especially around this time of year.

“People will come in borrow money to buy a gift, people will come in and sell something so they can buy a gift, it’s just a great time for us like everybody else. For the men it’s usually watches, for the women, it’s usually purses and jewelry,” said Jack Wright, owner of Wright Pawn Shop.

Wright Pawn and Jewelry has a wide selection of high-end watches, purses, and jewelry. Many for a fraction of the original price. Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany’s, diamonds, and gold are not as expensive as you once thought.

“Even a tiny piece of gold can go for ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty dollars,” said Wright.

And for luxury bags, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, just to name a few, are ready to buy for less. You can find a really good deal if you’re looking to find a luxurious gift, not for the full asking price.

“Generally some of the hand things, the wallets, and things like that are three, four, five, eight hundred dollars,” said Wright.

And if you’re in the market to make some money this holiday season, this is another avenue to explore. Wright says people can make really good money selling their jewelry, purses, and even old crystal and china depending on its condition.

Reporter: “So a couple hundred to possibly thousands?”

“Oh yeah oh yeah I doubt that I would want to buy one based on its condition that is only a couple hundred dollars,” said Wright.

Other gifts you may not think of, are fishing rods and reels under $100.

Crystal dish sets for about $80. Another good gift under $100- is rare coins.