PHOTOS: Apollo program patches throughout the years

HOUSTON – Take a look at the different Apollo patches worn over the years. It is a cloth made for each mission worn by astronauts and personnel affiliated with that specific mission. 

Apollo 7

The official emblem of Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo space mission. 

Apollo 8

Apollo 8 Insignia.

Apollo 9

The insignia of the Apollo 9 space mission. The Apollo 9 mission will evaluate spacecraft lunar module systems performance during manned Earth-orbital flight. 

Apollo 10

The insignia of the Apollo 10 space mission. 

Apollo 11

The official emblem of Apollo 11, the United States' first scheduled lunar landing mission.

Apollo 12

This is the official crew insignia for Apollo 12.

Apollo 13

This is the insignia of the Apollo 13 lunar landing mission. 

Apollo 14

This is the Apollo 14 Crew Patch. 

Apollo 15 

This is the insignia designed for the Apollo 15 lunar landing mission. 

Apollo 16 

The Apollo 16 crew patch. 

Apollo 17 

This is the official emblem of the Apollo 17 lunar landing mission. 

Which one was your favorite?

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