Where are Houston’s Bluebonnets?

CREDIT: Kathleen Falcona via Click2pins

I love that cover photo from Click2pins, posted last year on March 1, 2023 as one of the first Houston bluebonnet sightings. Last year, on March 5th, 2023 Ron Delaney posted this one:

CREDIT: Ron Delaney via Click2pins

Clearly, late February and the first of March is when our season really begins, so we’re still on the hunt. However, the FIRST bluebonnets of the season have already shown their purply heads in AUSTIN! I came across this photo today:

CREDIT: Alexzandra from Reddit

Yes, it’s only one flower, but it’s a start. I asked the photographer Alexzandra about it and she told me “It’s in Cherrywood in East Austin. And yes every year it is one of the first patches of Bluebonnets to bloom. I’ve been in the neighborhood for almost 12 years. Bluebonnets are on French Place.” And this pic was posted a month ago!

What to expect for our region this year? Surprisingly, a dry, hot summer actually can help the bluebonnets--as other plants die, that makes more room for them to sprout. And our solid fall rains that have lasted through this month keep the seedlings sustained so they’ll be ready for the big bloom in the next couple of weeks. Our brief freeze in the middle of January won’t affect the bluebonnets as they were still well below ground when that happened and we haven’t fallen below freezing since January 20th when we dropped to 29°. Plenty of rain and a warm February? THAT is the key to a big bluebonnet season! Get Ready!

So the Texas State Flower is on its way and will last well into April--here’s a pic from April 6, 2023 in Bellville:

CREDIT: JJS and SMS from Click2pins

Keep an eye out and be sure to post your first bluebonnets to Click2pins!

Thanks and have a blue-tiful weekend!


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