Is winter over in Houston?

We're gaining daylight in February!

As we leave January, here’s a quick look back at what was a colder and wetter than normal month! January temperatures average below normal, but really because of that one FREEZING three day period from the 15-17 (low dropped into the teens!). On average, here is how we did for temperatures and rainfall:

January 2024 Temps
January 2024 Rainfall

The rain and flooding, as we well remember, fell just last week. Thankfully, bayous and rivers are settling back to normal now. Here’s an upside to February: we are expecting more daylight for Houston as we head into this next month:

Sunrise and Sunset

And like this week, morning sweaters and afternoon t-shirts are in order.

What to expect normally

We’ll see how that pans out, as expecting and getting are two different things. There is a lot of social media talk about another big freeze in mid-February. Models are not reliable this far out but you might recall that in 2021 we had high of 80° on Feb. 4. and then a low of 13° on Feb. 16! Then we were back to 80° on the 23rd. So a huge cold snap is always possible and I don’t want to go down that path just yet, but a freeze possibility is something to track closely starting Monday. My sage advice: don’t cut ANY trees back just yet. For now, the climate wizards predict normal temperatures this month, but that doesn’t mean cold snaps cannot happen:

Normal Temps this month

While 3″of rain is normal we could see a bit above that:

Wetter than Normal

As to what the Groundhog will say about all this on Friday is anyone’s guess and even an early spring can still work in a frigid week before we get there!


As we head to Valentine’s Day, we know that, just like relationships, the weather can be extreme:

Valentine's Day extremes

Finally, the full SNOW MOON occurs the morning of February 24th...this moon is known as a micro moon--basically the opposite of a Super Moon because it’s as far away as the moon ever gets (called apogee).

This month's Full Snow Moon

We’ll continue to watch and track any arctic potential. In the meantime, here’s hoping for warm and super hearts as we head into the month!


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