Ask 2: Is it illegal to park your car in front of someone else’s property?

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Question: Connie asks, “Is it illegal to park your car in front of someone else’s property?”

Answer: Parking a non-commercial vehicle on public streets, even in front of your neighbor’s home, is not illegal. It is illegal when the vehicle remains parked for more than 24 hours without moving. This addresses vehicles that no longer work or are abandoned.

For vehicles parked on public streets for more than 24 hours, citizens may call the City of Houston’s 311 Help and Information Center at 3-1-1, 713-837-0311, or email, to report an abandoned vehicle. ParkHouston or HPD will visit the location for three days and issue a citation for parked more than 24 hours on each instance. If the vehicle does not move within those three days, it is eligible to be towed by HPD.

Residents who live outside the city of Houston should contact their police department for these situations. Click here for the Harris County non-emergency report page. In Harris County, you can call 713-221-6000 and press 6.