Shadow Creek football talks about 2-week COVID-19 battle

The team is working to stay healthy

HOUSTON – This past Friday, the Shadow Creek High School football team beat Strake Jesuit. But before that, they had to beat COVID-19.

“It was actually a weekend, I got a call that, you know, we had a little bit of an issue,” said head coach Brad Butler. “So you start worrying about a lot of different areas when it happens.”

The Sharks missed two full weeks of practice and games.

“We were just making sure, if you go out, make sure you wear a mask, and limit the time if you are outside," said senior Jairo Castillo.

Senior quarterback and Baylor commit Kyron Drones made sure the guys were staying in shape during those two weeks.

“You got to make sure you’re on your teammates, make sure they’re working, not just sitting at home doing nothing,” Drones said. “Because everybody would get out of game shape.”

Missing two games would have put a major wrench in the Sharks' football schedule had it not been for a contingency plan that was put in place this summer.

“23-6A, we got together and we were just trying to look at all different areas. And so we all dropped a non-district game and were able to create two off-weeks at the end of the season,” Butler said.

And for the reigning state champions, staying vigilant will be key.

“We’re just making sure they know football is the bigger picture right now,” Drones said. “I know people want to hang out and do stuff, but we can’t have that right now until the season is over with.”