Why Patrick Reed doesn't play a round of golf without an American flag


THE WOODLANDS, Texas – 2018 Masters champion Patrick Reed was in The Woodlands on Monday hosting the American Junior Golf Association Tournament, which is a charity event.

Reed spoke to a group of young AJGA golfers, an organization he grew up in.

Reed said he remembers how much the experience taught him both on and off the course. He now invests his time and resources into giving back to the PJGA.

Last year, he donated $140,000 to charity and believes in helping give the youth a chance to make it in the sport of golf.

Reed, who has won six PGA Tour events, said there are several items that are "must-haves" when he plays.

Ball marker

He always uses a 1927 quarter.

“I always mark tails, never heads,” Reed said. “’ Why?’ I don’t know. I just thought tails looked the coolest.”


Reed always uses a No. 3 golf ball.

“I won my first golf tournament with a No. 3 golf ball,” he said.


Always carries six tees in his pocket.

“Once the last one breaks, then I have to replace them with six tees,” Reed said. “Even if it’s on 18, six tees have to go back in the pocket.”

Yardage book cover

“It was given to me before I made my first Ryder Cup,” Reed said.

He has played on three Ryder Cup teams.

American flag

Reed always carries a folded American flag in his golf bag.

“I will not play a round of golf without it in my bag,” Reed said.

Reed said a soldier gifted him an American flag that is now dear to his heart.

“This is probably the most important thing I have in my golf bag,” Reed said. “(It) puts into perspective what life is really about. People are out there risking their lives every single day so we can do what we want to do and not have to worry about a thing.”