2 local juniors head to Drive, Chip and Putt National Championships at The Masters

HOUSTON – Golf is a sport for all ages. Two young ladies in Houston took first place for their age group in the regional Drive, Chip and Putt competition. 

The win earned both 9-year-old Raylee Bosley and 13-year-old Allyn Stephens a trip to the national finals. Of course, that means they are headed to The Masters where the Drive, Chip and Putt championships are held as a lead-off event into the Masters week. 

That brings plenty of excitement for the girls and their families for whom golf is definitely a family affair.

"For us, it was always something we wanted to do as a family, something that we could all do together,” Raylee’s dad David Bosley said.

It’s about having fun first for her, and always has been and obviously for us (as a family). It’s just been a joy to all be together.”

For Allyn, the love affair with golf was not immediate.

I despised golf when I first started,” Allyn said. “My dad was always pushing me (to get into it) and I just didn’t think it was for me.”

Then, four years ago, in her first tournament, she placed fourth and that changed her perspective. 

“When you win, it makes it a whole lot of fun," said, jokingly.

For Raylee, who was just 8 in October when she won the regional for the 7- to 9-year-old girls, it was a really special day for her and her family.

“That day happened to be my mother’s birthday,” Raylee’s mom Jennifer said. “And it was really special because my mom is suffering from brain cancer and she was able to be out there with all of us. Raylee played the best golf of her life (so far) and she won and it was just really special.” 

“I played really well and it just made me special (to do it with her grandmother there),” Raylee said. 

For Raylee, it was her first win. For Allyn, she has been at this a little bit longer and this was her fourth try at earning a spot at the Drive, Chip and Putt Championships at The Masters.

“I think that ignited a fire in her belly to keep driving for success,” her father, Joe, said. “For me and my father, who have been playing golf our whole lives, this is just incredible to be able to go to The Masters where all the greats have played and what we’ve (been) watching through the years. I don’t even think she realizes what she’s doing for us.”

“I’m starting to understand more of what The Masters is all about and I’m still in the midst of learning what all golf has to offer,” Allyn said.

But she certainly has two things on her mind when she gets to Augusta.

"I’m there to have fun and to experience everything, but I’m definitely going there to win,” Allyn said.