3 ways to get accessible, affordable breast care

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (KPRC)

While breast care should be a priority for women every month of the year, October in particular highlights the importance of breast care, given it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But if you are struggling to find ways to get accessible and affordable breast care, here are three ways to do so, according to The Rose Breast Center of Excellence.

1. Have a discussion

It’s important to raise awareness in an uplifting way across cutlures where conversations about the body and health are often silenced.

The Rose is offering a campaign inviting women to participate by talking about their breasts and helping to spread the word that 40 is the age at which every woman should begin receiving screening mammograms.

Click or tap here to participate in the conversation.

2. Get a referral

For uninsured women who don’t have doctors, there is still hope for an appointment and treatment by calling 281-484-4708 or visiting this website.

Patients receive a visit with a nurse practitioner for assessment, a mammogram and/or ultrasound, and a personal patient navigator to help find a geographically accessible, affordable clinic or doctor.

3. Take advantage of the Mobile Mammogrophy Program

There are four luxury coaches that come equipped with the latest in breast cancer screening technology: 3D mammography

Coaches include a separate patient examination suite for other preventative screenings.

Mobile coaches can be booked in advance by companies or organizations. They travel sites in 43 counties across Southeast Texas.

Visit this website to learn more information about breast care.