LIST: Adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society


Looking for a new furry friend? You’ve come to the right place!

The gallery below features dogs and cats that are currently up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society.

For more information about any of the animals in the gallery, you can visit, call 713-433-6421 or stop by the shelter located at 14700 Almeda Road in southeast Houston.

Gallery last updated: August 12, 2022



Sassi (Houston Humane Society)

Sassi 2 years. Sassi is Heartworm positive, but that doesn’t stop her from loving with ALL of her heart. Her heartworm treatment is also FULLY sponsored by some really nice people! This sweet girl has a permanent smile on her face and a tail that’s always wagging!


Axel (Houston Humane Society)

Hi! I’m Axel and I’m 1-year-old. I am a giant puppy who learns quickly. I walk great on leash and have had some home training. I’d adjust well to any home that provides love and affection. I could be a true couch potato.


Tigre (Houston Humane Society)

Tigre is 2 years old. Let’s make a pact. If you promise to give me hugs, I’ll give you unlimited kisses & will make you my forever love. Also, did you check out my picture and see how handsome I SIT? I consider myself pretty smart so if you spend some time training me I’ll be able to learn other fancy tricks as well. Did I say I LOVE treats?


Tito (Houston Humane Society)

Tito is 2 years old. He came to Houston Humane Society as a stray and was absolutely terrified, thankfully a kind family opened their heart and home and Tito was placed into foster care where he is completing heartworm treatment. He is well-behaved and is very interested in watching and learning from our other dog. He is also potty trained! He’d be an excellent addition to someone looking for a true companion and friend.


Emma (Houston Humane Society)

Emma is 1 year old. Hi, I’m Emma! I am the sweetest girl on earth. I never bark, I love kitty cat friends & doggy friends, I am great with kids, and know how to sit, stay, and lay down. I will do ANYTHING for a treat, and I am kennel trained! I love to cozy up next to you on the couch or lay on my bed while we watch a movie together! I will sit through the whole thing with you without saying a peep! I might nudge you for pets though! If you’re looking for low maintenance dog who is adaptable and gets along with EVERYONE, please come and meet me!!!


Bella (Houston Humane Society)

Bella is 8 years old. Bella does well with other dogs and with cats too, she doesn’t mind being around them at all. Bella loves to play in water, in the puddles. She knows sit and stay and I am working on teaching her the off leash recall command. I am also working on teaching her to walk better on leash.”


Jackson (Houston Humane Society)

Jackson is 4 years old. I am a funny, smart, clever, guy - the total package, if I do say so myself. You see, I can open doors and I find great pleasure in getting out of my kennel to say hi to people (check out the big “Lock Door” sign!), pretty much anything to get attention. Sadly my previous parents had to return me but that means I’ve been house trained. Come meet me today!


Rick (Houston Humane Society)

Rick is 4 years old. Rick was rescued from an animal shelter in New Orleans following hurricane Ida. He is super adventurous, always seeking out the next adventure! He is such a goofy boy and would do best in a home where he would receive a lot of mental stimulation like puzzles and toys. He absolutely loves all toys, especially tennis balls! He never gets tired of a nice game of fetch!! Volunteers say he is very friendly and well-behaved. They also seem to think he is potty-trained. He enjoys going on walks and playing in the yard with his canine friends the best!



Phoebe (Houston Humane Society)

Phoebe is 5 years old. This sassy & sweet gal is a pro at sunbathing and lounging around. Her beautiful calico markings match her interesting and beautiful personality! This sweet girl would love to binge watch a Netflix show with you or nap the day away.


Cruella (Houston Humane Society)

Cruella is 1 year old. Unlike Cruella de Vil, this girl is all good. Cruella is known for her black and white coat which is beautiful and so soft. This sophisticated girl is looking for a home to call her own. She’s sweet, kind, and doesn’t require you to have 101 puppies in your home!


Wanda (Houston Humane Society)

Wanda is 2 years old. Wanda is the perfect cuddly buddy you could EVER ask for! She loves to roll on his back and his side and have you pet him. She loves all the attention she can get and being loved on so dearly. If you have so much love to give, Wanda is the girl for you!


Storm (Houston Humane Society)

Storm is 1 year old. Meet Storm! She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s STORM! One look, and you’re sure to fall for her striking eyes and cute as a button personality! If you’ve been looking for your very own personal shadow that occasionally purrs & meows look absolutely no further!!


Sam (Houston Humane Society)

Sam is 9 years old. Sam has the most hypnotizing eyes! One look and he will convince you to give him all of your fries AND let him sleep in the bed! This sweet boy is shy at first but once you prove to him you’re one of the good guys his true, fuzzy, sweet-as-can-be side shines!


Honey (Houston Humane Society)

Honey is 2 years old. Honey was named after her SUPER SWEET personality! This sweet girl loves to nudge you for more, more, more PETS! She is a cat who loves people’s attention and will let you know it!


Cheeto (Houston Humane Society)

Cheeto is 2 years old. Cheeto is a PURR machine! This orange ball of fluff loves head scratches and salmon treats more than anything else in this world! He would be a great first ever cat for a family who has wanted a feline friend for a while, but never had one!


Jezebel (Houston Humane Society)

Jezebel is 1 year old. Jezebel is a sweetheart who loves pets and cuddles more than anything in the world. Her beautiful long fur and color patterns make her SO easy to fall in love with, but her sweet-as-pie personality takes the cake!