Woman framed in ‘rape fantasy’ plot speaks out after conviction of ex-U.S. Marshal

Ian Diaz’s conviction could not have come at a more joyous time for Michelle Hadley. It happened on the same day she gave birth to her first child, a baby girl.

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Michelle Hadley was a 29-year-old graduate student living in California when her ex-boyfriend falsely accused her of a lurid crime. By the time the case unraveled in early 2017, she had lost her job, her reputation and her faith in law enforcement.

But late last week, a federal jury convicted the ex-boyfriend — Ian Diaz, a former U.S. deputy marshal — of setting up Hadley by making it seem as if she had lured men to his home to sexually assault his then-wife.

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Diaz had framed Hadley as part of a twisted plot to get her to walk away from a condo they had purchased together, according to federal prosecutors.

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