Houston woman narrowly escapes after car submerged in Hurricane Beryl floodwaters

HOUSTON – Although Hurricane Beryl moved out of the Houston area Monday evening, residents are still grappling with significant flooding and widespread damage.

Downed trees, debris, and scattered leaves have become a common sight across neighborhoods, causing disruptions and hazards.

As cleanup efforts continue, the extent of the damage is becoming increasingly apparent.

One of the hardest-hit areas is White Oak Bayou. KPRC 2′s Corley Peel described the severe flooding, noting that the entire area is underwater due to the bayou spilling over its banks. The flood gauge showed water levels at seven feet, down from 10 feet earlier, indicating a slow but steady receding of the floodwaters.

Tracy Newman shared her harrowing experience of being caught in the rising waters while attempting a quick errand.

With her German Shepherd puppy and a friend, Newman said she was trapped in her car as the water levels surged.

Newman described the water rising rapidly, making it impossible to open the car doors. She managed to escape by pushing her puppy out the window and following suit. Her quick-thinking actions prevented what could have been a tragic outcome.

Another resident, who grew up in the area and still lives nearby, compared the flooding to past storms, including Hurricane Harvey. She noted the unusual speed of the water’s rise and the strong winds accompanying the storm. Despite the severity, she observed that most people avoided the flooded areas, minimizing potential dangers.

As the community deals with the aftermath, the situation remains fluid. Water levels continue to decrease, but significant standing water persists in many areas.

Cleanup and recovery efforts are underway, with local authorities and residents working together to restore normalcy.

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Corley Peel is a Texas native and Texas Tech graduate who covered big stories in Joplin, Missouri, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida before returning to the Lone Star State. When not reporting, Corley enjoys hot yoga, Tech Football, and finding the best tacos in town.

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