Ask 2: Who yields during an exit on Houston freeways when continuing on feeder?


“The I-10 West Shepherd/Patterson exit is crazy. When you exit, the lane will continue to enter the freeway or on the same lane you can go straight to go the feeder. Question, who yields? There isn’t a sign.”


Typically, all cars traveling on an access or feeder road must yield to traffic coming off an exit ramp. When in doubt, the best thing you can do is slow down, use your signal, and get over when it’s safe.

Sgt. Stephen Woodard with the Texas Department of Public Safety took a look at the I-10 West Shepherd/Patterson exit to give his take.

“If two vehicles are merging into the same lane, we always ask ourselves who has the right-of-way. We know that the individuals that is on the left-hand side has first dibs to the roadway. Then the individual on the right-hand side has next dibs. But when you are talking about a lane like this, I will tell you when it comes to Transportation Code 545.060, it will play a huge factor when it comes to traffic attempting to enter to that lane. You always have to make sure you have the right of way and that the merge is done safely,” stated Woodard.

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