ASK 2: Law enforcement presence managing Houston’s HOV lanes


“Why can they not enforce the two or more people on the managed lanes? I see so many people who use the HOV lane that only have one person in the vehicle. They need much better enforcement on these lanes.”


Police here in Houston say they are doing all they can to enforce the law. Although you may have not seen an officer at the time, Sgt. Stephen Woodard with the Texas Department of Public Safety says constables are out and about working the HOV lanes.

“There have been times where the individuals actually had mannequins in the passenger seat to beat that actual law. But I will tell you it is being enforced. I see it all the time. I live west of Houston, and I see our constable officers always out there making sure the law is followed. But again, it is one of those deals where sometimes it is a challenge to be everywhere in one time. But what I will say is that we have to start with ourselves. If you know that the violation is wrong, don’t do it,” stated Sgt. Woodard.

Please note: According to the METRO website, solo drivers with a toll tag can pay to use the HOV-HOT lanes during non-peak hours.

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