Ask 2: Red and blue flashing lights on tow trucks, is that legal?


“I see more and more tow trucks with red and blue flashing lights. I thought only police can have red and blue flashing lights. Is this legal?”


Under the direction of law enforcement, it is okay for tow trucks to have red and blue flashing lights on the back of the truck.

I spoke with Katie Alexander with the Texas Municipal Police Association about this question. Here is what she had to say:

“While it is true that police have red and blue lights in the front, tow truck drivers are permitted to have red and blue flashing lights under the direction of law enforcement if they are clearing a scene. Those red and blue lights are there for a reason. People pay attention to those rather than the other lights. When they passed that and said that it was okay for them to have it on the back of their vehicles, it is because it is very visible. People pay attention to that,” stated Alexander.

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Justina Latimer is a New York native raised in the suburbs of Baltimore. Before joining the KPRC 2 team, she was a fill-in anchor and multimedia journalist at WSMV-TV, the NBC affiliate in Nashville, TN.

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