77 Houston ISD campuses still without power, still hoping to reopen Monday

Houston ISD is working to have all of its campuses ready to go for Monday, but reports from the district indicate that there is still some work to be done.

200 of the district’s campuses have had their power restored, and those schools will be open Monday. However, 77 campuses are still without power, and the district is working with CenterPoint to correct the issues.

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“It is still our goal to have every student safely back in school on Monday. However, power must be restored before students can return to their campuses,” a statement from the district read.

The process is timelier than just restoring power to the campuses. Once the power comes back on, HISD crews check other areas of the building that may have been impacted by the storm or the outages to make sure they are working normally. These areas include the air conditioning and water systems.

The district says it will announce the campuses cleared to resume classes on Monday, May 20, tomorrow at noon. They will provide further updates regarding the other schools throughout the day.

“HISD knows some of our families still do not have electricity or internet. Please check on your neighbors. Many of our school staff members are going door to door in their communities to see who needs help. Please share this information with others,” the statement from the district read.

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