2 Cleveland residents, 3 firefighters rescued from high water currents

Footage of the crews during the rescue (Tarkington Volunteer Fire Department)

At around 4 a.m. Saturday morning, Cleveland Fire Department responded to a call for a water rescue on Low Bridge Water Crossing Road. The call was related to two men, one of whom was elderly, whose vehicle was swept to a nearby tree line as they attempted to cross the East Fork of the San Jacinto River. Luckily, a nearby good Samaritan was able to tie the vehicle to a utility pole while the men waited for help to arrive.

With waters too intense for an inflatable rescue boat, Cleveland FD requested a more powerful airboat from Needham FD. The vessel arrived and was launched into the rapidly rising currents.

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As the rescuers approached the stranded vehicle, the rear of their boat was pulled by currents, and it quickly began to take on water and also became trapped.

Additional crews from Caney Creek, East Montgomery County Fire, Tarkington Fire and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden’s Office were called to help. The water rescue team arrived, and the boat was towed to a high spot on the road. The two men from the vehicle were rescued with a high-water rescue truck.

Shockingly, the water rose several feet in just the time that the rescue was performed.

Tarkington Volunteer FD shared images of the event to its Facebook page:

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