Construction of detention basin offers relief to flood-prone neighborhoods in Inwood Forest

Instead of teeing up on the green, digging is happening on Inwood Forest’s former golf course.

The City of Houston and the Harris County Flood Control District are partnering to construct a detention basin on the land that will interlock with other flood mitigation projects.

So, what exactly is a Detention Basin?

They’re designed to temporarily hold back water. During a flooding event, when the water rises in the bayou and hits a certain level, that basin is going to hold back the water for 24 to 48 hours, temporarily. And then, when the water in the bayou goes back down, those ponds will drain,” said Melissa Meyer with Harris County Flood Control District.

The Inwood Forest Detention Basin will flow into the White Oak Bayou. The White Oak Bayou flows from Central to northwest Harris County through communities like Inwood, Acres Homes, and Jersey Village.

The White Oak Bayou was also upgraded with portions widening and deepening to help water flow.

These flood mitigation projects mean a lot to Inwood Forest homeowners who said they have seen the worst as their neighborhoods have been flooded repeatedly.

Homeowner Linda Spears was stuck in her Inwood Forest home during Hurricane Harvey. She recalled waiting for the water to stop rising as she sat on her bed.

“That helps with flood insurance costs, and that helps with just the peace of mind,” said Spears.

In a statement to KPRC2, the Harris County Flood Control District said they are more secure now than before Hurricane Harvey.

“Our community is seeing a reduced risk of flooding and quicker recovery times after rain events, thanks, in part, to a new infrastructure that helps protect homes and businesses from the kind of damage experienced during Hurricane Harvey and other storms,” said Harris County Flood Control District.

The Inwood Forest Detention Basin will be completed in early 2026.

If you don’t live in this neighborhood, the Harris County Flood Control District has expanded its funded pool to $5.16 billion and continues to upgrade its watersheds across the county.

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