New charge filed against Houston contractor accused of gambling away client money, blaming job delays on mother’s death

Aleck Miller, 55, is facing four felony charges connected to a renovation construction scheme

HOUSTON – Aleck Miller, who owns AM2 Construction, has been hit with another felony theft charge after a new alleged victim reported him to Harris County law enforcement following KPRC 2′s story last week.

Miller, 55, has been in the Harris County Jail since Thursday. He’s now facing four felonies with a total bond of $110,000.

As a bond condition signed by Judge Kelli Johnson on Tuesday, if released, Miller is not allowed to manage his own construction company or manage any financial aspects of any company, specifically relating to customer funding.

He’s scheduled to be back in court on Wednesday morning.

“I appreciate you guys bringing this to light ... he’s a bad dude,” David McDaniel said.

McDaniel has known Miller for an estimated 25 years and reported him to law enforcement again last week, a day after the story aired. “I looked at the TV and was watching the story, and I was like, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me that this happened again’.”

McDaniel said Miller sent him social media messages last year requesting money to help with supplies for a construction project.

As part of the deal, according to emails McDaniel provided to KPRC 2, Miller would pay McDaniel an extra $500 on the loans within a couple weeks.

The first loan was on June 15, 2023 for $2,000 and days later, Miller requested $1,000 more.

McDaniel expected to receive a total repayment of $4,000 for the loans but said to date, he hasn’t received a dime.

"It kind of just kept snowballing with excuse after excuse. And then I kind of just was like, ‘Okay, this is, something’s not sitting right here’,” he said.

Communication stopped after the repeated excuses, he said, and when he posted to alert others, he found out he wasn’t alone.

"People started contacting me on social media, text messages, all of a sudden people that I don’t even know that have been a victim of their scam,” he said.

He reported it to the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office at the time, he said, but was told he needed to try to send a certified letter and wait 10 days for a response.

After KPRC 2′s story aired last week, he called Precinct 5 back and said a deputy came out to take a report and review his documentation.

On Tuesday, a felony theft charge connected to his case was filed against Miller.

“My money went into his bank account to go blown at the casino, sounds like,” McDaniel said. “I just want to see justice for everybody that, you know, are good, hard working, innocent people that just were trying to do the right thing by lending a so-called friend money.”

Others have contacted KPRC 2 with similar allegations to McDaniel’s but have yet to file a report with law enforcement or the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

According to court records, when Miller was making excuses for not completing projects or paying people back, he was at casinos out of state.

He allegedly spent more than $1.4 million at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on gaming tables and slot machines. Investigators believe some of that money was stolen from his clients.

His wife, Andrea Miller, was initially charged and arrested as an alleged co-conspirator in the scheme, but Judge Johnson found no probable cause in her case Tuesday and she was able to walk out of the courthouse charge-free.

Aleck Miller blamed construction delay on mother’s 1998 death, records show

Ignacio Osorio hired Miller for an outdoor patio and kitchen project in 2022.

"Great salesman. Great pitch. Clean cut,” Osorio said.

Miller came to his home on Lake Houston on a referral from someone else, Osorio said.

He paid Miller 50 percent up front, as requested, for a total of more than $93,000, according to court records.

But Miller didn’t show up to his house and didn’t complete the work except a partial concrete slab, Osorio said.

“He said that his mom passed away so that was going to interrupt his schedule to meet with his contractors or subcontractors,” Osorio said. “He had to go out of country to Greece, that they had to celebrate some type of religious burial ceremony.”

According to court records, Miller’s mother had died in 1998.

“It’s hard to swallow that somebody took you, took advantage of you for that amount,” Osorio said, noting that the money was part of his hard-earned retirement money.

Someone else ended up doing the job and providing Osorio’s family with the outdoor space they wanted.

He doesn’t expect to see any of the money.

“I’m hoping he gets what he deserves,” Osorio said. “It’s very sad that he’s taken it to that degree to harm a lot of people.”

Miller’s bond was raised from $75,000 to $110,000 on Tuesday.

Records show he is still in jail at the time of this writing.

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