Disturbing details emerge in Houston twins’ death ruled homicide, parents charged

An investigation into the tragic deaths of twin infants on Oct. 4, 2023, has revealed disturbing details after charges were filed against their mother and father.

Angelina Belinda Calderon, 21, and Fernando Vega, 21, have been charged with two counts of injury to a child-serious bodily injury.

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Both are currently in jail on $750,000 bonds. Calderon and Vega will next appear in court on Monday for a bail review and preliminary hearing on the charges.

Court records claimed Vega and Calderon assaulted the infants with and against a blunt object, neglected to ensure their safety and supervision, failed to provide necessary medical attention, and nourishment, and utilized a deadly weapon during the incident.

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According to Houston Fire Department paramedic Shawn Jorgesen, the infants were discovered with discolored skin and without detectable pulses. Additionally, signs of bruising were observed around their rib cages and arms.

During the autopsy conducted by Dr. Jesus Rico, a pathologist at the Harris County Institute of Forensic Science, several injuries were noted on the first infant, including dehydration, contusions on various body parts, and fractures indicating previous abuse. Dr. Rico informed authorities that these injuries were inflicted intentionally, not accidentally, and should have been recognized and treated by the caregivers.

The second twin also showed several injuries during the examination, such as bruises, abrasions, and fractures, consistent with physical abuse. Dr. Rico emphasized these injuries were not accidental and occurred over multiple incidents.

According to Dr. Rico, one of the twins’ injuries were consistent with three separate events.

On April 18, Dr. Rico updated the police on the cause of death for the twins, ruling it a homicide due to multiple blunt force injuries. Both twins were found to be malnourished, with one showing evidence of acute brain bleeding, while the other suffered hemorrhaging of the brain and spinal cord, indicative of recent trauma. Dr. Rico clarified that these injuries could have resulted from shaking or direct blunt-force trauma.

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