Parking mobile homes in residential neighborhood streets: Ask 2

HOUSTON – In the City of Houston, you cannot park a 30-foot mobile home in a residential neighborhood. But there can be exceptions if you are in the process of unloading or if it’s parked while the driver is doing a service.

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However, if you live outside of city limits it could be a different story, according to Law Enforcement Liaison Katie Alexander.

“Something that large could block fire trucks and things like that,” said Alexander. “So, if they have them parked on the street you know it is impossible for somebody to get through with a big fire truck.”

“So HOAs do often regulate those and sometimes it is just 24 hours you are allowed to have it there,” she continued. “They will give you a notice... But it all depends on where you live if you live within the city limits or in a rural area, and if you have that HOA.”

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