ASK 2: What should you do when a driver comes to an intersection with a flashing yellow left turn arrow?

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Ask 2:

“Could you do a small segment about what to do when a driver comes to an intersection with a flashing yellow left turn arrow?


When we see flashing yellow lights, it means to proceed with caution.

Let’s say you enter an intersection. You have a flashing yellow left turn arrow. As a driver, it is your duty to yield to oncoming traffic and watch out for pedestrians before making that turn.

Since intersection incidents are common here in Houston, Law Enforcement Liaison Katie Alexander is giving her take on this topic.

“We are having a really big problem with our intersections right now. We have pedestrians being hit... bicyclists being hit. But when it comes to a yellow blinking light, you are allowed to turn. But you have to yield to oncoming traffic. That is the whole reason it’s there. It’s blinking so that you can pay attention. You can yield to oncoming traffic. It is very very important,” said Alexander.


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