Spencer Solves It gets more than $13,000 returned To 2 victims after Chase Bank/Zelle accounts drained

HOUSTONCindy Little of Spring Branch pours over the mountain of complaints and reports and requests for help she has filed ever since her Chase Bank/Zelle account was drained of close to $8,000 dollars in January.

It all started with the first hack of her account last December for $1,000 dollars.

Immediately, she reported the fraud and Chase quickly returned the money to her account.

But one month later, It happened again.

Over a three day period, thieves were able to steal a total of $7,900 from her even though she had already asked the bank to shut that Zelle account down.

”It was incredible. I was on the phone with Chase watching in real time, as thousands of dollars were stolen from my account and I was telling the person at Chase, on the phone, begging, please shut this account down, shut it off,” Cindy said.

Even worse she says, after eight years as a Chase customer, Chase told her they did an investigation and found no fraud whatsoever, and instead she says told her she had withdrawn the money herself, that she did it.

”It was a nightmare,” Cindy said.

Jodene Daniels of Houston is also a Chase Bank customer who had her Chase/Zelle account drained of cash.

Just like Cindy, she reported the theft and just like Cindy, the bank told her there was no fraud and she was simply out all of that money.

”I had 36 transactions conducted on my account without me doing anything. The transfers were all to the same person and happened over a brief period of a few hours on the same day, a holiday, Juneteenth,” Jodene said.

All told, Jodene’s account was taken for $4,600 over a few hours.

After contacting the police and several other agencies, including the FBI, several weeks ago both Cindy and Jodene contacted The Spencer Solves It Team for help getting their money back.

Immediately, I started calling Chase officials day after day.

Chase did agree to take another look at both women’s cases and investigate their claims of fraud.

Several days ago, all of the money taken from both of those women’s accounts was replaced by Chase. Every single penny.

”The minute I turned on my Chase account, and I saw that all of my money had been put back in my account, I was ecstatic, I couldn’t believe it, and you did it in less than a week. I am overjoyed and there is no one else to thank but you. Thank you Bill,” Cindy said.

“You were the only person really willing to help me and make something happen. You were relentless and you took the time to make sure you got me my money back. I can’t thank you enough,” Jodene said.

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