HPD officers shoot, kill man wanted for recent threats to local adult store

HOUSTON – A suspect is dead after being shot by two Houston police officers Monday when they tried to arrest him.

HPD says the shooting happened in the 4900 block of Shadowdale Drive.

According to HPD Chief Troy Finner, officers were attempting to serve a warrant related to an incident which occurred on March 22 at a nearby adult entertainment store where the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at a manager of the business and threatened to shoot him before burning down the business.

Employees at the business off the Northwest Freeway didn’t want to go on camera but told KPRC 2 they had seen the suspect several times and that he usually was acting odd.

Finner said officers with the Major Offenders Division were conducting surveillance on the home Monday when a call for service dropped that someone was exposing themselves at the location. Other HPD officers responded to the home, but backed off when they learned other officers were conducting surveillance.

Officers began executing the warrant around 4:20 p.m. They surrounded the home and announced their presence. When the suspect didn’t come out of the home, they breached and entered the home and found the suspect in the bedroom.

Officers ordered the man to come out of the bedroom and he initially complied.

“At some point, he went back into the bedroom, grabbed a gun and pointed the gun at the officers,” Finner said.

Two officers fired their weapons, striking the suspect. The suspect died at the scene.

One of the officers is a nine-year veteran while the other has been on the job for 15 years.

The suspect is described as a 44-year-old man. His identity is not being released at this time.

Body camera video is usually released within 30 days of a police shooting, but Finner said in this case, since it happened in a private home, the laws are stricter and it may not be released at all.

The investigation continues.

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