ASK 2: Why doesn’t MetroLift accept cash for rides?🚌

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Ask 2: “Why does Metrolift NOT ACCEPT CASH for rides? I am a visitor from San Antonio, and no one told me they didn’t take cash. I was surprised at the van”


Unfortunately, there are challenges with cash payments. Here in Houston, we know about car break-ins and robberies. Drivers with METROLift often get out of vehicles to assist passengers. As you can imagine, leaving cash in the car may not be the safest option.

We spoke with Art Jackson, METRO Vice President of Specialized Transit Services to get his take.

“Different cities operate in different ways. I have been fortunate enough to be with Metro for almost 35 years working in this department and we have never accepted cash payment from our METROLift customers,” said Jackson.

Here are options you can consider:

“Customers can purchase tickets at local grocery stores, METRO ride stores, they can request them online. There are lots of different ways to get tickets,” Jackson stated.

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