Mother who lost son to overdose offers advice to parents after New Caney middle schoolers hospitalized from THC gummies

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – An investigation was launched at the New Caney Independent School District after officials there said seven students at Keefer Crossing Middle School ate gummies infused with THC.

THC is the psychoactive substance found in marijuana.

We were told those seven students had to be rushed to the hospital after ingesting the gummies that officials said were brought to school by a student.

The sirens of first responders were heard loud and clear outside of the school Tuesday afternoon.

The seven students were taken to Texas Children’s and Kingwood hospitals after ingesting the gummies.

It’s unclear who originally gave one of the students those gummies, but if you’re 21 and up and live in Texas you can buy multiple forms of THC in most gas stations.

“Talk to your kids. Small conversations are way better than one big conversation, and just don’t make it a big deal,” said Sarah Hall, the Director of Montgomery County Overdose Prevention Endeavor or MCOPE.

She said drug use is a growing problem among children.

“It’s happening more and more, and it just all goes back to, you’ve got to talk to your kids. It’s never too soon. We used to say 12 is a good age to start talking to your kids, now we’re saying 9,” Hall said.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a fatal overdose caused solely by marijuana is unlikely, Hall, who lost her 22-year-old son Ethan to a fentanyl overdose, believes drug use often progresses with harmful consequences.

“(Ethan) was a great kid but same thing, it started with smoking pot. At the time, I thought ‘oh it’s no big deal,’” she said.

She wants her story to serve as a teaching moment for other parents

“It did lead to something bigger, and it did end up taking his life,” Hall said.

She is now dedicated to helping parents identify signs their kids may be dabbling with danger.

“Peer pressure at this age is a really big deal, and it’s a big factor that comes in to play. You can look for different changes in your child’s behavior. That’s the first place to start. Are they hanging out with a different group of kids?” Hall said.

It’s unclear who, if anyone could face charges in this case. District officials said they cannot comment further as this is an active investigation.

For more information about resources for families dealing with drug addiction issues click here.

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