‘There’s always signs’: Security expert shares thoughts on Lakewood Church shooting

HOUSTON – Following the horrific shooting on Sunday at Lakewood Church, an expert says that extra security inside the megachurch may have been what stopped the shooter and kept the number of injuries to a minimum.

“I think this would have been a really different scenario if this had been a longer, drawn-out affair regarding the response, Mike Matranga said.

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Mike Matranga is the owner of M6 Global Defense Group which provides comprehensive, holistic plans to achieve safe communities and workplaces. He says the reason this situation was not worse was because of Lakewood and what they have put in place to protect their congregation.

“The only reason why this did not have a higher rate of fatality is because Lakewood Church has taken security seriously and have put the right men and women in the positions to be able to address these concerns or types of issues,” Matranga said.

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Matranga added that the only way to stop these types of unfortunate and scary scenarios is for the public to be more aware, and conscious of their surroundings and the people around them.

“We have people that are in our families, in our congregations, walking our streets, in our grocery store with us that are dealing with a tremendous amount of stress for whatever reasons and there’s always signs and symptoms of those people who have potential to do something like this,” he added.

The motive in this shooting remains unclear.

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Video captures moment gunshots ring out inside Houston’s Lakewood Church

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