‘It was so fast:’ 82-year-old victim of jugging speaks after 5 arrested in Pearland

PEARLAND, Texas – A ring of suspected thieves have been arrested after Pearland Police say they targeted people who had just left the bank.

Police say the group of “jugging” suspects is responsible for following several victims, then stealing more than $15,000 in cash.

So far, they have been connected to six of the approximately 38 jugging incidents reported in Pearland last year, but police said they may be responsible for even more.

Since December, police have arrested Darise Booker, Dennereck Crew, Christopher Eugene, Howard Glaze, and Damien West. They are all charged with engaging in organized criminal activity and are currently in the Brazoria County Jail.

Five men were arrested for jugging elderly victims in Pearland, Texas, the Pearland Police Department said on Monday. (Pearland Police Department)

Pearland police connected them to the six Pearland cases, mostly from the Chase bank on Broadway Street and at least one from the Bank of America at 2740 Pearland Parkway.

One of the group’s alleged victims is an 82-year-old man who told KPRC 2 he was left bloody and swollen after one of the suspects followed him from the Chase bank to his gym, then attacked him and stole nearly $500.

Video shows the 82-year-old man wearing a red shirt leaving a gym and walking to his car. A white car is lurking in the background before moving into position near his car. Then, a man wearing black jumps out of the backseat. 10 seconds later, he is back inside the car, the door shuts and they speed away.

“I was disoriented,” the victim said. “It was so fast that when I turned around, they have already gone.”

The victim, who asked KPRC 2 to not to use his name, said the suspect hit him behind his ear in the neck before stealing his wallet and $400 he withdrew from the Chase bank off Broadway in Pearland just before his workout.

“They were watching people going in and out of the bank, looking for people that were leaving the bank with money bags in their hands or the envelopes the cash is in,” said Ofc. Chad Rogers with the Pearland Police Department.

All the victims connected to the group so far are over the age of 60.

“The elderly were targeted, but this could be anybody. It’s really about just situational awareness,” Rogers said.

Police say the group operated at the end of October and in early November in Pearland, using temporary tags and rental cars to actively avoid being caught, but license-plate reading cameras and countless hours of police work led to their arrest.

“Was there any indication that it may have been like an inside job involving the bank teller?” KPRC 2′s Bryce Newberry asked Rogers.

“No. With this group of individuals, they were not using any kind of bank teller,” Rogers responded.

The five suspects are being held with bonds ranging from $500,000 to $750,000. Records show Booker and Crew violated parole, Glaze broke probation rules, and West was under community supervision.

“Anyone could be vulnerable,” the victim said.

The victim said he has a new perspective, maybe even a little paranoia, but he’s relieved his alleged attackers have been caught.

“Be very careful. When you are in any parking lot anywhere, look around constantly,” he said.

Police say if you are leaving a bank with any kind of cash or check, put it in your pocket or purse before leaving so it’s not on display when you walk back to your car.

Pearland Police say this group may be connected to other jugging incidents across the Houston area and they want to hear from you if you believe you may have been targeted by them. Email the Pearland Police Department at crimetips@pearlandtx.gov.

KPRC 2′s Bryce Newberry will have more on this story tonight at 10.

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