Ask 2: How to handle off-road vehicles in Houston

Ask 2: “I live in downtown Houston and was almost run over on the sidewalk by a 4-wheeler walking home. These bikers on 4wheelers and sports bikes take over streets and jump on the sidewalk going full speed and even do dangerous stunts. They surround drivers and take over the street. The city now has rental scooters and that adds another layer of danger. They come at the same time on Sunday’s and other days. Why won’t law enforcement stop this?”

Answer: According to Law Enforcement Liaison Katie Alexander with the Texas Municipal Police Association, there are designated police units that take care of street takeovers. The best thing you can do is call 911 to make these units aware.

“What they are doing is reckless. They are putting people’s lives in danger. What they fail to understand is that in the state of Texas, we rank in the highest when it comes to our roadway fatalities. To go out there on these ATVs and dirt bikes, they are putting other people’s lives in danger. It is increasing our numbers. We are trying to make the roadways safe,” said Alexander.

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